Prelaunch Offer...Prelaunch Offer...Prelaunch Offer

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120 Paid Downlines

$25 X 120 Times = $3,000 Commission.

Unlimited Earnings For Viewing Our Advertiser's Websites

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$0.05 / $0.50 / $5

For Viewing Each Of Our Advertisers Websites.

Unlimited Extra Payments For Each Website Your Referral View

You Will Be Paid Extra :

$0.05 / $0.50 / $5

For Each Website Your Referrals View.

Advertising Credits To Help Improve Your Business

5,000 PTC ( Paid To Click ) Ads Credits

5,000 Traffic Exchange Credits

5,000 Business Ads Directory Credits

1,000 Login Ads Credits

20 Solo Ads Credits

100,000Text Ads Credits

300,000 Banner Ads Credits

This Is A Start

  • All Mentioned Here Will First Be Assigned To You During This Prelaunch
  • More Earnings Will Be Generated For you When BlessedAdsnCash Is Launched


10,000 / 50,000 / 100,000 / 200,000

Ads Credits And Visitors Will Also Be Assigned To You.

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