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BlessedAdsnCash is an Advertising and Unlimited Income Generating Platform. As a member, you will be helped advertise your business, improve it by attracting downlines and customers for it using Login Ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads. PTC Ads, Traffic Exchange, Business Directory Ads, Solo Ads and attracting Business Opportunity Seekers from different Advertising Platforms. 

     You will also be receiving Unlimited Commissions and Unlimited Earnings from it's Four Different Matrix Compensation Plan. You just have to choose a Membership Level and get Approval for it. You will be a member for life and will be earning money everyday.

No, not at all.. This is real.

Through BlessedAdsnCash, we want to help lot of people improve their business and also generate more money online.
Anyone who is above 18 Years Old can become a member.

Benefits Are :

Multiple Downlines Directly From Admin Everyday

Unlimited Instant Commissions : 










$1,000 And More.


Entries Into Four Different Matrix

Unlimited Matrix Earnings 

Unlimited Matrix Sponsor Bonus

Adverts For Your Business Using : 

Login Ads  

Text Ads 

Banner Ads


Solo Ads

Traffic Exchange 

Business Directory

Thousands Of Visitors From Other Advertising Platforms.


BlessedAdsnCash Offers a wide range of Digital Advertising ranging from Banner Ads, Text Ads, Login Ads, Solo Ads, PTC Ads, Traffic Exchange, Business Directory Ads to help members gain more exposure to their existing Businesses.

BlessedAdsnCash works internationally. There is no Restriction.
You have to register, choose a Membership Level and get Approval for it. The Approved Membership will give you entries into the Four Matrix.

If you choose a Membership Level above Basic Membership, you are going to be receiving downlines / referrals from Admin. You don't need to bring anyone in to earn Commissions.

You will see Number of Visits / Clicks on Your Referring Link From The Adverts We Will Do To Get You Downlines / Referrals In Your Dashboard.

You can also earn as a Free Member by inviting Upgraded / Paid Members and Clicking the PTC Ads. Our PTC Ads pays real dollars. Amount You will receive for each PTC Ads Clicked depends on Your Membership Type.
Yes, you can earn and receive instant commissions as a Free Member. But you are going to be receiving less commissions than the Upgraded Members.

You can also click / view Our PTC Ads and get paid for free.
You need $7.50 to choose the Lowest Membership Level on BlessedAdsnCash. This is One Time Payment.
No. Membership Level Fees are One Time Payment. No Subscription of any Kind. No Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions. No Admin Fee.
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