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How To Make Payment
News Date : July 13, 2020 07:13:09


   Here is How To Make Payment Or Add Fund On BlessedAdsnCash.


If You Wish To Get An Approved Membership Level : 


  Log Into Your Account


  Click on "Upgrade Account" Menu under "Account Activity"


  Choose The Membership Level You Want To Get Among The "Available Memberships"


  You Will Be Shown This Question : 


      "How would you like to pay" ( Tick the round box beside the word "Processor" )


       First Payment Processor Option You Will See Is " Bankwire "


This Will Show You The Instruction On How To Make Payment Using : 










Credit Card and Other Payment Options.


 Check the Instruction and follow it to avoid Unconfirmed Payment and Purchases.



If You Wish To Add Funds To Your Account : 


 Click on "Add Funds" Menu under "Finance"


 You will be shown Minimum Amount You can Add which is - $5


 There is no Transaction Fee from Us


 Default Payment Option that will be shown to You is - Bankwire


 You will see the Instruction on How To Add Fund Using : 










        Credit Card and Other Payment Options.


 Check the Instruction and follow it to avoid Unconfirmed Payment.


We hope this helps You understand How To Add Funds, Get Approved Membership and Avoid Unconfirmed Payments and Purchases.


 If You Need Support - Do Not Hesitate To Request For It.



Apply To Claim For Your Businesses - 50000 Visitors Monthly For 24 Months And $3000 Commissions
News Date : July 13, 2020 00:00:00

 Are You In Need Of Sign-Ups / Downlines / Customers For Your Other Online Businesses?


 Apply To Claim For All The Businesses : 


            50,000 Visitors With Unlimited Sign Ups / Downlines / Customers


            Monthly For 24 Months ( Two Years )




           $3,000 ( Three Thousand Dollars ) Commission



 You Will Be Assigned : 


  - 2 Personal Banners - Will Be Designed And Used For Your Business Advertising


  - Unlimited Visitors - From 5 Login Ads Everyday For Two Years


  - 10,000 Visitors - From 5 Business Directory Ads Monthly For Two Years


  - 100 Solo Ads Credits - Admin Will Compose And Send Out The Ads Message For You


  - Unlimited Visitors - From 5 Text Ads Everyday For Two Years


     5,000,000 - Extra Text Ads Credits For More Ads



  - Unlimited Visitors - From Banner Ads Everyday For Two Years : 


    125 X 125 - Five ( For Two Years )


    468 X 60 - Five ( For Two Years )


    728 X 90 - Five ( For Two Years ) 


       5,000,000 - Extra Banners Ads Credits For More Ads


   - 25,000 Visitors - From PPC ( Pay Per Click ) Banner Ads


   - 25,000 Visitors - From PPC ( Pay Per Click ) Text Ads


   - 10,000 Visitors - From Traffic Exchange Monthly For Two Years


   - 10,000 Visitors - From Our PTC ( Paid To Click ) Income Opportunity.


 Visitors Are People Who Are Interested In Making More Money Online And Ready To Receive Genuine Income Opportunity Updates.



$3,000 Commissions - All Work Done For You By Our Admin Team


  You Will Be Assigned : 


       120 Paid Downlines


       $25 Commission Per Each Downline


           Total Commission - $25 X 120 Downlines = $3,000.





You Will Be Assigned Entries Into : 


     4 X 1 Forced Matrix


     2 X 2 Forced Matrix


     3 X 10 Forced Matrix


     3 X 1 Company Forced Matrix


 All Four Matrix Will Be Used To Generate Unlimited Earnings / Payments For You


 Everyday Advertising And Downlines Recruiting Will Be Handled By Admin Team.



 All You Have To Do Is : 


             Request Approval To Become A Downline Builder Member.


             Log In To Your BlessedAdsnCash Account


  Check The Upgrade Account Menu To Apply For The Downlines Builder Membership.



Pay Per Click Advertising Added
News Date : July 13, 2020 00:00:00


   We are trying all we can to help you and all other members grow their Online Businesses. We have added Pay Per Click Ads to BlessedAdsnCash.


 Pay Per Click Ads - are adverts that count clicks ( not impressions ) on Your Adverts. The Ads will continue to be displayed to members and visitors until it received the number of Clicks set up for the Ads.


 Our Pay Per Click Ads Will Give Your Adverts More Exposure Using : 


  125 X 125 Banner


  468 X 60 Banner


  728 X 90 Banner


  Text Ads.


 Our Pay Per Click Text Ads Space can be found under the first Banner Ads on Homepage and It is the first Adverts you will see when you logged into Your Member Area / Dashboard.


If you add Your Adverts to Our PPC Text Ads - You will get a lot of Exposure.


Our Pay Per Click 125 X 125 Banner Ads can be found under " Our Advertising Products " Section on Homepage and under First Two 468 X 60 Banners in Member Area / Dashboard.


Both : 


  Pay Per Click 468 X 60 Banner Ads


  Pay Per Click 728 X 90 Banner Ads


 Can be found under main 468 X 60 and 728 X 90 Banner Ads on Homepage and Member Area / Dashboard.


 If you request for Pay Per Click Ads with 10,000 Clicks - You are going to get clicks on the Advert from Members and Visitors that are interested in Your Business. This is going to get You a lot of Sign-Ups / Downlines / Customers.


 Log Into Your Member Area, request for Our PPC Ads and start attracting Thousands of Interested People to Your Businesses.


  Qualification To View Admin PTC Ads With $5 Earning Per View


 Getting any of Our Adverts automatically get you qualified to be among those approved to View Admin PTC that pays $5 per view. You can only qualify for this during Our Prelaunch.


   You should act now before this opportunity is gone.


 If You Need Support - Do Not Hesitate To Request For It.



12000 Advertising Credits As Sign Up Bonus For New Members
News Date : April 25, 2020 09:00:00


   One of Our Goals is to assist all Our Members in getting Multiple Sign Ups / Downlines for all their Online Businesses every day. So, we have decided to assign Free Advertising Credits to all New Members. 


These Advertising Credits will allow members to place their Adverts for Free Using :


125 X 125 Banners - 2,500 Ads Credits


468 X 60 Banners - 2,500 Ads Credits


728 X 90 Banners - 2,500 Ads Credits


Text Ads - 2,500 Ads Credits


Traffic Exchange Ads - 1000 Ads Credits


Business Directory Ads - 1000 Ads Credits.



This Gives New Members : 


   12,000 Advertising Credits


 That is 12,000 Visitors for their businesses.


If you are a new member and you are already assigned these Advertising Credits, use them to place Your Adverts right now and be getting Sign Ups from our members and those we are attracting to BlessedAdsnCash.



 Note This : 


   If you need more Advertising Credits - You will be assigned One Million Advertising Credits and One Full Year Adverts for Your Businesses if you request approval for Founder Membership.


This will get Your adverts displayed to Millions of Visitors and to all our Members and a lot of them will be signing up for Your Business for a long time.


 Both the Sign-Up Advertising Credits and Founder Members Advertising Credits are offers that can be requested for, only during this Prelaunch.


  Once we launch, the offer will be closed. If you want to get maximum exposure for Your Adverts and Businesses, start setting up adverts for Your Businesses using these Two Advertising Offers.



Blessing Tola


BlessedAdsnCash Admin.

Launch Date Extended To July 2nd
News Date : April 22, 2020 12:29:26
We want to let you know that we have extended the launch date of BlessedAdsnCash to July 2nd, 2020. We are sorry if this affects Your Plans but it is necessary for us to have all Planned Features added that will give us the Perfect Launch and Money Making Platform.

Our aim is to have millions of members and also turn a lot of people into Millionaires. We need the features to make this happen.

Some of Such Features Are Ones That Enables :

Cash For Reading Our Solo Ads

Cash For Surfing Websites

Credits For Login Ads

Visits Counter On Inviting / Referring Link

Different PTC Earning Wallet

Matrix Geneaology Diagram etc.

Our Programmers are working on all these features and cannot be completed before the other Launch Day. We need all features working perfectly in order to have the Launch we expect.

Do Know This :

All Income Opportunities ( except Matrix Earnings ) are opened to all Members during Our Prelaunch.

You Can Make Money From :

Having Founder Members as Downlines

Having Downlines that Purchase Advertising Packages

Clicking Adverts On Our Paid To Click Program

Having Downlines that Click Adverts on Our Paid To Click Program etc.

It is possible to be making Thousands of Dollars during this Prelaunch. You can also be getting paid every day. You don't have to wait until we launch to earn and get paid.

All those that qualified to be assigned :

50 Downlines / Referrals

120 Downlines / Referrals


$12.5 X 50 Commissions = $625

$25 X 120 Commissions = $3,000

Will get them before the New Launch Day.

Once Again, We are sorry if this affects Your Plans. But it is done for the best.

We do Pray, Convid-19 will be a thing of the past by the time we launch.

Blessing Tola

One Million Ads Credits Assigned To Submitted Adverts By Founding Members
News Date : April 18, 2020 06:00:00
One of Our Goals is to assist you in getting Multiple Sign Ups / Downlines for all Your Online Businesses every day. So, we have assigned One Million ( 1,000,000 ) Advertising Credits to submitted adverts by members of Our Founding Members Club.

All that are approved as Founders or having Founder membership are members of Our Founding Members Club. These members will always get Special Support from us that will help them make more money from all their businesses.

This Special Support includes - Free Advertising Credits from time to time and Free Placement of Adverts on Our other Platforms which includes Our Classified Ads Site and Blogsites.

If you are not one of the Founding Members - You can request to be approved and be one of the beneficiaries of the Special Support.

Submit Your request through Our Support Page.

For those assigned the One Million Advertising Credits - Congratulation. This will get Your adverts displayed to Millions of Visitors and all Members who will be signing up for Your Business for a long time.

Be Expecting Lot of Visitors To Your Submitted Businesses From Members Of 106 Safelist / Mailers We Have Started Attracting To BlessedAdsnCash.

Know This :

More Advertising Supports For Your Businesses Will Surely Come From Us.

Blessing Tola

BlessedAdsnCash Admin.
Always Submit Verification And Approval Request For All Your Payments
News Date : April 17, 2020 23:11:00
If you are making any payment on BlessedAdsnCash, always submit Payment Verification and Approval request for it by inserting the Payment Transaction ID in the Comment space ( Choose Bankwire Option which will show you account to pay to and what to do next ) especially if you are paying through Bitcoin.

In case you can't get the Transaction ID - do submit a support request stating what you are paying for, how much you paid and method of payment.

This is necessary to verify Your Payments and approve what you are paying for. This is not hard to do.

Choose the Bankwire option and you will be able to see the steps to follow. It is necessary to avoid getting unapproved for what you paid for.

In case you have made a payment on BlessedAdsnCash, do request approval for it. You can do this through support and state How much you Paid, for what and Payment Method.

Whatever, you don't understand on BlessedAdsnCash, don't hesitate to request support for it, any time any day.

Blessing Tola
BlessedAdsnCash Admin.
Another New Landing Page Added To Promo Tools
News Date : April 17, 2020 16:43:26

We want to let you know that, we have added another New Landing Page to Our Promo Tools. This Landing Page was set up to promote Our Paid To Click Opportunity. We are still going to have another Landing Page set up for the Advertising Benefits on BlessedAdsnCash.

Use the New Landing Page to attract more Sign-Ups for Your Account, especially those that love to get paid for visiting/viewing members Ads or Websites.

You will be paid the same amount everyone you signed up, get paid every time they visit or view Ads from Our Paid To Click Program.

If Your Referral or Downlines view Ads and got paid - $0.50

You, as the Sponsor will also get paid the same - $0.50 for the downline / referral activity.

You should try as much as possible to get a lot of downlines / referrals and they will be getting you paid extra money from the PTC Program.

These downlines / referrals can be getting you paid $50, $100 Per Day.

Use this new Landing Page if You are not a Founder Member ( Who are qualified to receive downlines / referrals from us ) and You are advertising BlessedAdsnCash to get Referrals / Downlines.

Good Luck With Your Advertising.

Don't Hesitate To Use Support If You Need Help.

We Welcome All New Members
News Date : April 17, 2020 16:36:44

My Name is Blessing Tola, One of the Founders of BlessedAdsnCash. We are so happy to have you aboard.

We are here to help you succeed with Your Money Making and Advertising Efforts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if You have questions or problems with BlessedAdsncash.

BlessedAdsnCash Admin.

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